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We'd like to make this World be a Better Place!



We are a Story Maker, telling the never ending stories.

Chimestone Media CO., LTD is found in November 1999 for Film and TV productions in Taiwan.
Since 2008, we had setup a milestone which based on 2K and 4K-3D digital film productions,
which did successful titles such as, The Ghost Tales, Clownfish 3D, Ending Cut, The Mother Earth, Hotel Blackcat, Soman, and Bamboo, ...etc.

In 2017, we proudly released the first interactive mobile drama Medium Rare.
In 2018, we released the 2nd generation interactive drama
Fusulina of Remember.
Both interactive drama got 42 global patents.

For increasing the deeply stories and international marketing strategies, Chimestone starts to develop series film, TV and the variety productions and share our awesome stories to the world. We integrate Storytelling and Innovations into culture technologies, which allow the story in your life, you can use it and touch it. We are in the small island Taiwan, but we'd like to change the world, and make it to be a better place.